Why can't I find my street in the list?
Here are some reasons why your street may not be listed:
  • Your street is not within the Marietta city limits (see below).
  • If your street name includes a direction, such as West Dixie Ave., try looking for W DIXIE AVE
How do I know if my address is located within the city of Marietta?
Helpful hints for determining if your address is in the city limits:
  • You are located in the city of Marietta if the following are true:
    • Your address in the shaded area: City Limits Map | Interactive Map
    • You receive a city of Marietta tax bill
    • Your children attend a Marietta City School
  • Being a Marietta Power and Water customer does not guarantee that your address is in the city limits.
  • Having a Marietta mailing address does not guarantee you are within the city limits.
  • Check the Cobb County GIS Viewer for additional information.